The following section provides information regarding registration, credit transfer and academic performance. Keep track of these very important matters so your graduation is not delayed.

Details for International Internship Registration, please click here.

Registration for Study Abroad Students

The Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) will email your ONID Account the proper CRN every term you are abroad and it will be your responsibility to REGISTER YOURSELF through OSU Online Services. You will register yourself with the proper CRN provided to you from each term you are abroad, so keep checking your ONID e-mail. If you are on a semester or year-long program and will receive 2 or 3 terms worth of credits at OSU, you will need to register for the CRN provided to you each term you are abroad as the CRN will change from the previous term. This CRN is a place holder and does not show the actual courses you are taking abroad. If you need your PIN, contact your ACADEMIC advisor. If you have a hold on your account, you must address that as soon as possible as the hold prevents you from registering.

If you fail to register while abroad, you will receive no OSU credit for your courses. Also, please note that financial aid will NOT be disbursed until you are registered. If you register after the first day of classes at OSU (while abroad) you will be charged a late registration fee of $50.

OSU Academic Calendar and first days of each term can be found here.

Once your transcript has arrived at OSU and you have met with your study abroad advisor and submitted all your course syllabi, your transcript will be changed to reflect your actual courses and credit load.