Application Process & Timeline for Initial H-1B petitions

Instructions & Timeline

  1. Hiring department contacts Jackie Bangs to verify that an H-1B is the appropriate visa category for applicant 
  2. Hiring department and prospective employee complete the H-1B initial application and send it to OIS
  3. OIS conducts wage surveys
  4. OIS contacts department with instructions for posting the Labor Condition Application and sends partial draft of department letter to USCIS
  5. Hiring department completes letter to USCIS and returns it to OIS
  6. OIS prepares I-129 petition for H-1B status and submits it to USCIS
  7. USCIS sends receipt notice (I-797) to OIS
  8. USCIS sends approval notice (I-797) to OIS; department completes I-9; employee schedules H-1B check-in with Jackie Bangs

Once OIS receives the H-1B application, the processing time to receive work authorization in H-1B status can take up to 4-6 months.   Alternative option:  departments wishing to expedite this process may choose to use Premium Processing by paying $1,225 to USCIS, which shortens the entire processing time to approximately 2 months.


Travel while H-1B Change of Status Application is Pending
H-1B applicants currently in the US may not travel abroad and return to the US while the H-1B change of status application is pending, or the H-1B change of status application will be voided by USCIS and the application process must start over. Prospective H-1B employees currently in the US may leave the US and remain outside of the US until their H-1B application has been approved without affecting their H-1B application. When the H-1B application has been approved the potential employee will use the H-1B approval to apply for an H-1B visa to enter the US. Please keep the International Faculty and Scholar Advisors informed of travel plans for H-1B employees and prospective employees.