U.S. Income Tax Information for International Students & Scholars

International students and scholars who received U.S. sources of income during any part of 2015 must file U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) income tax forms and State of Oregon Department of Revenue forms by April 15, 2016. Income could include on-campus employment, graduate assistantships, OSU scholarships or fellowships, or practical training.   *Typical deadline for filing is April 15th of each year.

Any non-resident for U.S. tax purposes, even if he or she does not receive income from U.S. sources, must file IRS informational Form 8843 each year for as long as they are a non-resident for tax purposes. This includes international scholars, students and their dependents.

Sprintax - Online Federal Tax Filing

How to File Your Taxes

International Student Advising and Services (ISAS) and International Faculty and Scholar Services (ISFS) are not tax professionals and cannot assist international students with tax advising or tax preparation.  However, to assist you with filing your federal income taxes ISAS/ISFS has purchased a subscription to an online tax software called Sprintax.  This program can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the internet and a printer.  Sprintax will help you prepare your tax return and provide you with step-by-step instructions on when to file, how to file, and where to file your taxes. 

If you do not choose to use Sprintax, you may use another tax service or prepare your own tax return. However, ISAS staff are not tax professionals and will not be able to help you in finding another tax service or be able to answer any tax questions.   

How to Access Sprintax

As an OSU student or scholar, you will have free access to Sprintax (www.sprintax.com).  ISAS/ISFS will send you an access code via your ONID email account by late-February that you can use to access the online software. (Note: Federal tax filing is free using OSU’s Sprintax code below; however, if you need to apply for an ITIN, file a State Tax form, or complete another tax service, there may be a small fee).If you have not received a Sprintax access code by late-February, please e-mail sevisassistant@oregonstate.edu.

About Sprintax

Sprintax has many benefits to international students, including the ability to use a live instant messaging tool with tax experts to answer your questions. In addition, Sprintax will complete your taxes based on a series of questions about your situation, and will provide instructions on how to mail your printed tax forms. You will not be able to submit your forms online. Remember to photocopy all completed forms for your reference before mailing them to the Internal Revenue Service and Oregon Department of Revenue.

If you have any questions about using the Sprintax software or about your tax situation, please contact hello@sprintax.com or use the Live Messenger tool in your Sprintax account.

Please do not share the Sprintax access code with anyone other than international students/scholars at OSU as we have a limited number available. The access code will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please file your taxes early.


To learn more, please see our International Student and Scholar Tax FAQ.

Additional Resources

Oregon State University Contacts 

Students or faculty receiving salary or payment from OSU may contact the following staff in the OSU Payroll Office to help with questions on tax withholding, FICA withholding, non-resident verses resident for tax purposes and tax treaty eligibility.

For general information about filling out your payroll forms at OSU, please visit the Payroll Information For Students and Scholars handout from the OSU Payroll Office. 




Kristi Rietz



Jerie Thorson



Students receiving OSU scholarships may contact the following staff in OSU Business Affairs for assistance with the 1042-S form.




George Windom



Forms and Publications

Below is a listing of some of the publications you may need to file your taxes. For additional forms and publications, refer to the Internal Revenue Service or Oregon Department of Revenue website. Remember to photocopy all completed forms for your reference before mailing them to the Internal Revenue Service and Oregon Department of Revenue.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)



Please download International Student Tax Information handout (pdf) if you would like an easy-to-print version of this information. 

Please download International Scholar Tax Information Handout (pdf) if you would like an easy-to-print version of this information.