Why is the Peer Mentoring Program Important to You?

Caitlin McVay



"I've experienced the excitement and shock of learning to live a new place. I believe strongly in providing resources and programs to help support international students in cultural adjustment and identity development during their time at OSU. I believe the Peer Mentoring Program does just that, and I enjoy being able to watch students grow and learn from one another."

Amarah Khan



"My interest in the Peer Mentoring Program stems from personal experience. I first came to the U.S. as an international student and understand the needs of that community and believe that the first few months are crucial to helping students assimilate and succeed."

Adria Bunal



"I value the benefits of the Peer Mentoring Program to both the international scholars that act as mentors and the students that receive guidance and support. International scholars use their background and skills in academia, and gain a greater understanding of American higher education and support systems while supporting OSU students."