Make a Home at OSU

Peer Mentor students at the IRC

Oregon State University’s Division of International Programs is committed to student success, integration, and retention. We are committed to enriching students’ experiences by offering various levels of support on each individual’s educational journey. Upon arriving to OSU in Corvallis, OR, international students may experience many cultural and social adjustment issues that can impact their success. Making friends, getting used to the food, social structure, academic system, and way of life can be difficult in a new place. To help students navigate these challenges, we have created the International Peer Mentoring Program (IPMP). With the IPMP, students have a chance to meet with their peers to talk about their experiences studying at Oregon State University.

International Student Advising and Services (ISAS) partners with International Scholar and Faculty Services (ISFS), INTO OSU, Diversity and Cultural Engagement, and other campus partners to promote a program that fosters connection and a sense of belonging for international students. By facilitating these peer-to-peer interactions, we work to further student development and engagement within both the OSU and Corvallis communities. We hope to build a community of learners that will support and inspire one another during their time at OSU and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare OSU’s students to be responsible and engaged leaders for a global society by enhancing academic success along with cultural and social integration. The International Peer Mentoring Program places students at the center of responsibility for their experience and education and works to empower each individual to engage in personal and academic growth through their interactions with their community and environment. 

Want to Join the Program?

If you're interested in the program as either a mentor or mentee, follow these instructions on how to get involved.