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Albania | (back to top)

Emanuel Begaj - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Emanuel Begaj
Emanuel was born in Vlore, Albania and raised in Torino and Milano, Italy. He came to Oregon in August 2011 and studied at Rogue Community College where he had the honor of receiving the ICSP Scholarship. He is continuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University. He loves to share his experiences through ICSP while gaining a lot of knowledge from the other participants. What he loves the most here in Oregon is the amount of sports activities offered, not to mention soccer, which is on his top list.

Brazil | (back to top)

ICSP speaker Daniel Reimao

Daniel Reimao
Daniel is the ICSP Assistant. His job is to assist current ICSP students and requesters with event arrangement.  He is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering and been at OSU since 2013 and part of ICSP since 2014. He initially came to the U.S to play water polo and study in a college in Huntington Beach, CA. Daniel was born and raised in Santos, Brazil. Santos is about an hour away from Sao Paulo and is famous for having the biggest port in South America. Santos is also home of one of the biggest soccer teams in Brazil, Santos FC which Daniel is passionate about. Daniel's hobbies include playing sports, watching soccer and doing barbecues. He also loves to travel and meeting new cultures. Daniel is always very open to inquiries, feedbacks or questions about the program.


ICSP speaker Guilherme MacagnanGuilherme Zanotto Macagnan
Guilherme Macagnan is an international student from Caxias do Sul-RS, Brazil. He started his studies at OSU in Fall 2014 and is majoring in Finance and International Business. Guilherme chose to come to OSU after hearing of the good reputation of the university along with the lovely nature of Oregon. While in High School, Guilherme was part of a professional swimming team and that’s why he retains a love of swimming and sports. As an ICSP student he hopes to share his experiences at OSU. Guilherme sees it as a big opportunity to help people expand their cultural understanding with him as he expands his own horizons

Cameroon | (back to top)

ICSP speaker Winnie MessaWinnie Messa Tafempa Messa
Winnie is in her junior year of Electrical Engineering at OSU and she is from Cameroon. During her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, cooking, decorating or just taking a walk outside as a nature lover. She also likes traveling, spending quality time with friends and getting know people from different backgrounds.


Canada | (back to top)

Alissa Melvin

Alissa Melvin joined the OSU ICSP in the Fall 2017 as a freshman. After moving from a smaller town just southwest of Toronto, Ontario Canada, this will be her first year living in the USA. She was born in Regina, Saskatchewan where she moved around for two years before settling in the province of Ontario. Alissa will be studying Kinesiology with a Pre-Med track, as well as representing OSU on the Women’s Track and Field team. Aside from public speaking to different audiences, she enjoys attending live performances and concerts in her spare time. She joined ICSP to be able to share her ethnic differences with other students around the campus, and make other International Students feel right at home. In the future, she wants to make a point of travelling to different parts of the world to gain an appreciation and awareness for different cultures.

China | (back to top)

Tiantian Pang

Tiantian was born and grew up in Beijing, China. She obtained her diploma degree in Singapore and Bachelor of Science degree in University of Queensland, Australia in 2015. She just started her Master of Public Health degree concentrating in Epidemiology in OSU this fall. She has multi-national experience and would like to share her colorful stories. She is grateful to join ICSP family and she aims to spread Chinese spirit and traditions. She is excited to be involved in ICSP activities and she would love to meet people with diversified cultural backgrounds.

Colombia | (back to top)

Patricia Diaz - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Patricia Diaz
Patricia is a Marine Biologist and a dance lover from Colombia. She lived in rural towns in the Andean mountains of Colombia during her childhood. Her love for the ocean encouraged her to obtain a Bachelor degree in Marine Biology in Colombia and a Master’s degree in Tropical Ecology in Puerto Rico. She connects with people by traveling, having informal conversations, listening to oral traditions, learning about folk dances, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. This Latin-American biologist came to OSU to pursue a PhD in Fisheries and Wildlife in 2013. She improved the OSU multicultural background by writing survival guides for new students, participating in Mentorship Programs for Undergraduates, and worked as a dance coordinator for the last 3 Latin-American Cultural Nights. Patricia understands the importance of overcoming language and cultural barriers, and converting them in opportunities while studying abroad. She expects to increase cultural and language diversity through teaching Spanish and Latin-American folklore in cultural events at OSU and other schools in Oregon.


Andrea Jara - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Andrea Jara
Andrea Jara is from Colombia, a wonderful country in South America.  She came to OSU to study in a PhD program in Fisheries Science. Her love for the ocean has taken her to different places, providing her with invaluable experiences that opened her to new perspectives, realities, and opportunities. Being part of ICSP during the last years has provided Andrea the opportunity to share cultures with the communities and to learn about the amazing diverse populations in Corvallis. As an ICSP scholar, Andrea would like to continue sharing her culture and show everyone the magical place and paradise on Earth - Colombia, where she is lucky to call home.


ICSP speaker Paulo SandovalPaulo Jose Murillo Sandoval
Paulo J. Murillo-Sandoval was born in Cali (Salsa World Capital) in Colombia. Being surrounded by this unique and amusing environment, drove him to challenge himself both personally and professionally and to set a life path. Paulo obtained a Bachelor in Topographic Engineering. Afterwards, he worked at Colombian Sugarcane Research Center monitoring sugarcane crops using satellite images. He loves working with spatial-data, satellite imagery and aerial images taken by drones for the observation of land covers, which are very important tools to identify land-uses changes. In addition to his academic background, Paulo also loves dancing, teaching salsa, listening to music and playing soccer. He deeply appreciates the opportunity to be part of ICSP and looks forward to sharing his thoughts and skills with OSU and Corvallis.

Congo | (back to top)

Ben Nzowo
Ben Konziase Nzowo is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He was born in Kinshasa in a family of seven, and he came to the US to study Geology. Ben graduated from Portland Community College with his Associate Degree In June 2017. Known as a Socratic Communicator, Ben has worked as Clubhouse Coordinator first, then Director of Legislative Affairs for the Portland Community College student Government. He won the Meg-Sutton Scholarship Award in 2016 and participated in the 1st ever TedTalk for Portland Community College as one of the Speaker with his speech entitled “ Our Unrealized Power”. Ben is always involved in social justice activities. He loves playing Soccer, basketball, working out, and practicing kombat sport such as Boxing and Krav Maga.

ICSP speaker Gaetan Dauphin NzowoGaetan-Dauphin Nzowo
Gaetan Dauphin Nzowo is a native from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He speaks three languages: French, Lingala and English. He enjoys playing soccer and going to the gym in his spare time. He first arrived in the United States in 2013 and attended Portland Community College. For two years, he actively participated in student leadership from which he gained knowledge about social justice. He worked as the Sustainability Director and an Equity Ambassador at the Multicultural Center. He joined the ICSP program because he would like to provide firsthand diversity awareness that will challenge one’s personal biases. He is now a transfer student majoring in Civil Engineering and is passionate about giving back to his community as a future leader.

Egypt | (back to top)

Mazen Elsheikh
Mazen Elsheikh is a 17-year old Egyptian and was born in Oman, who recently joined Oregon State University. His major is Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and he lived in Oman for 8 years. His family moved to Saudi Arabia after that, and again he spent 8 years there. Those 8 years were his favorite, where he matured and met his lifelong friends. The school he attended was a British international school, and luckily they had a yearly event called International Day, so he was able to represent his country. Overtime, Mazen became a really good swimmer, and enjoys it to this day. Now, Mazen has earned the ICSP scholarship, which he saw as a great opportunity to share his culture with another country that may know very little about Egypt.

Rania Khater
Rania Khater is an Egyptian physician who came to the USA in 2015 with her husband and kid. This Fall, she is starting her Master’s program in Public Health-Global Health at OSU and is feeling positive that she would enjoy the few coming years here. Rania just came back from a long summer vacation in Egypt and is all ready and eager to share her beloved country’s culture with all those interested.

Ethiopia | (back to top)

Ananiya Demessie - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Ananiya Demessie
Ananiya is a Bioresource Research student from Ethiopia. He grew up in a small, but friendly town, called Dire Dawa, which is in eastern Ethiopia. His father is a physician; being a physician in Ethiopia is not very profitable. However his father loves helping people and therefore he chose this career. When he was younger, he spent his summers in the clinic as a full time patient assistant. His experience in the clinic inculcated in him the ability to question medical experts about their work. The time he spent there sparked his curiosity and passion for medicine as an art and a science. His ambition to become a doctor stems from his desire to help patients with their needs as well as forward his knowledge in the medical field throughout the world. It has been two years since he travelled to the US to pursue his dreams at Oregon State University. Here through ICSP, he would like to introduce his culture and work to achieve rewarding cultural relations.

France | (back to top)

ICSP speaker Safia OulmaneSafia L. Oulmane
Safia is an international student from a city called Créteil, a suburb of Paris in France. People often get confused with “all her countries” when she explains that she was born and raised in France by an Algerian father and a Moroccan mother. So to make it simple, she likes to describe herself as a citizen of the world with a French accent. She recently earned her Associate of Science in Business from Portland Community College and transferred to OSU in the Fall of 2016 to pursue a B.A. in Political Science. With the recent heartbreaking events that happened in her beloved home country and the ones that keep happening all over the world, Safia takes her role as an ICSP ambassador to heart and is looking forward to promoting values of peace and tolerance. Besides English, Safia is fluent in French, Moroccan Arabic and Emoji. That's right, there is no way she can write any type of correspondence without spreading love and happiness through a smiling face emoji :)

Georgia | (back to top)

Nikoloz Tsiklauri
Lucky to be born in a multicultural family in Georgia, Nikoloz Tsiklauri is fluent in three languages since childhood, now he owns four and plans to expand his range of languages. Nikoloz’s school years were arguably the most important time of his life. That is when he developed his own character, decided what his priorities and interests are in life. With good academic performance, Nikoloz did 7 years in specialized Art School. In addition to his profession, he is also interested in performing on stage. He used to perform at a theater in Georgia. Just recently he was filmed in the commercial of one of the Georgian companies, although he was in the crowd, but he got the experience of shooting. This is Nick’s first year in the US. He chose Mechanical Engineering as his major. Despite the keenness by his academic success he is ready to share the culture of Georgia at any time.

Germany | (back to top)

ICSP speaker Lena HildenbrandLena Hildenbrand
Lena was born and raised in Lüdenscheid, a small city in the northwestern part of Germany. Even though this is her first year at OSU, she already spent there 4 weeks last summer, took some English classes and fell in love with Oregon, the school and its people. Lena loves to travel, to discover new countries and cultures and to make new friends from all over the world. She wants to pursue a degree in international business. Lena has always had a great passion for horses and participated in show jumping competitions back home. She enjoys to be outside, to go hiking and hanging out with her friends. Through ICSP, Lena hopes to connect with new people and learn about other cultures as well as to introduce her culture to others. She believes that peoples views are often shaped by the culture that they grew up in and therefore she can’t wait to get the chance to see things from a new perspective.

Hong Kong | (back to top)

Pak To Lee - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Pak To Lee
Hello everyone! Pak To Lee (Jeremy) is a 23 years old undergraduate student in his senior year. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he is currently pursuing a degree in Natural Resources and a minor in Spanish. He enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and watching many other sports. In addition to speaking his native language Cantonese, he also speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. He has a keen interest in acquainting himself with different languages, as they are great tools to understand others’ culture. The best time of his life came two years ago, when he went study aboard in Chile. He got to meet the indigenous people and learned a little bit about the Mapudungun-speaking population. After joining the ICSP in 2015, he has had a fun time sharing his cultural experience with the local communities. He is looking forward to another exciting year with the group!

India | (back to top)

ICSP speaker Naveen KuntaNaveen Kunta
Naveen is from recently formed and culturally diverse state, Telangana, India. He has been to US for fall 2016 to pursue his masters in Chemical Engineering. He has been to various states of India as a part of migration scheme of Navodaya Vidyalayas and has rich experience of visiting different historic and religious places in India. He joined ICSP to share his experiences with fellow members and know their traditional practices. He is very enthusiastic to share about the festivals, food, clothing, religious practices and historic heritage of his state and India. He believes that the modern society has its roots in the culture and one can fill the loopholes of this society by relating the cultures. Through ICSP he wish to know about the different people, the way they think, the way they react to a situation and compare them to spread the most social practice for a sustainable society. He loves tasting different kinds of food.


Vaishnavi Trivedi - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Vaishnavi Trivedi
Vaishnavi comes from the ‘land of diversity’, India. She is a sophomore student in the college of agriculture pursuing BS in Food Science & Technology with a minor in Chemistry. She likes travelling, stargazing, reading, and sports like basketball, skating, and cricket. She enjoys meeting new people and trying different cuisines. She has been in the US for a year and a half now. Through ICSP she would like to help others understand better India’s vast culture and diversity. To let people know that India is beyond, Bollywood, henna, dancing, there is so much more to it than meets the eye.

Indonesia | (back to top)

Vania Halim
Vania is a first year student from Jakarta, Indonesia. With more than 17,000 islands, it is the biggest archipelago in the world, and very rich in culture and diversity. She is Chinese Indonesian - a significant ethnic minority in Indonesia - and she lived in Singapore for 9 years before going back to Indonesia. She came to Oregon State University in September 2017 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. Her hobbies include watching videos of an assortment of animals (usually cats/corgis/sloths/llamas), finding new places to eat, playing piano, and reading books. She is very excited to be part of the ICSP family because she loves sharing about her culture, and learning about other people’s cultures, especially through food!

Sefanya Hope - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker


Sefanya Hope
Sefanya is an undergraduate student from Indonesia double-majoring in Anthropology and Education while also minoring in French. She has been with ICSP since Winter 2014 and has enjoyed every moment of it. Her involvement with ICSP has included co-hosting a cultural night in front of more than 400 people, becoming a peer mentor to international students, and being a part of other extracurricular activities on and off-campus, most of which are related to internationalization, languages, and children/education. She wants to go back to Indonesia and work in a field that combines all three, especially to help promote a more equitable and affordable access to healthcare and education among underrepresented communities. Sefanya has two more years to go and will start her fourth year this Fall (Sept 2016). She loves meeting new people and learning languages so feel free to come talk to her!

Honoka Mitsuishi - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Honoka Mitsuishi
Honoka Mitsuishi is from Japan and she is a sophomore at OSU. She came to the US in a spring 2014. Her major is Psychology and currently she is working for CAPS as a member of outreach group. She doesn’t have any specific hobbies but she likes doing something new. When she was in high school, she did study abroad in New Zealand for one year. She loved it, because she could meet new people. She taught New Zealand students Japanese and shared some Japanese culture while she stayed there. Since then she likes sharing her cultures and getting to know more about different cultures. Through the ICSP, she’s looking forward to learn more about other cultures.

Kengo Sugimoto - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Kenta Noma
Kenta Noma is from Hiroshima, Japan. He is 1st-year graduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in Renewable Energy Systems and Management to contribute to environmental protection. He learned different cultures through his backpacking around South East Asian countries. He wishes to know more about different cultures through ICSP experience and excited to share his own cultures! He enjoys watching and playing sports, watching movies and traveling. He biked all the way around Taiwan just before he came to the US. He is excited to explore the beautiful nature in Oregon!

ICSP speaker Aoi UedaAoi Ueda
Aoi Ueda is from Japan, but lived in three other different countries: Brazil, Hong Kong, and Singapore. She is majoring in earth sciences, oceanography in OSU since fall 2016, and it is her first time living in the US, so she is looking forward to explore other cultures, she has never got in touch with. She currently does Karate, since freshman in high school, but she also used to play other sports like basketball and soccer. She enjoys watching movies and tv shows, that she often gets too deep into. She is looking forward to share what she has experienced and to expand her knowledge about other countries through ICSP.

Kazakhstan | (back to top)

Ainur Nygmet - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Ainur Nygmet
Ainur is currently working as Crossroads International Program’s Assistant. Ainur was born near the Caspian Sea in a city named Atyrau, in her beautiful home country of Kazakhstan. She learned 3 languages at school: Russian, Kazakh, and English. Ainur is now a senior undergraduate student who is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys reading poetry as she is a chair in the first Poetry Club at OSU. She also likes drawing and skateboarding. She learned skateboarding on her own in the US. Ainur enjoys playing Dombra which is the Kazakh national instrument and spending time with friends.

ICSP speaker Alisha SaduovaAlisha Saduova
Alisha’s hometown is the largest city of Kazakhstan - Almaty. It is also called “South Capital” by locals. Since the time of the Soviet Union, Almaty remains the most culturally developed city where people of almost any nationality can be met. Thus, she has been interested in the culture and traditions of different nations from the very childhood. In 2015, she graduated from Technical Lyceum #165 which is well-known for its in-depth study in mathematics and physics. Presently, she is getting a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. In addition, she was engaged in table tennis as a professional player up to 16 years old. In 2010, she became a national champion among girls born in 1997. She thinks “this sport has been the safety valve when I was a teenager.” At a spare time, she enjoys reading classical Russian literature and taking photos of beautiful scenery and historical sites. Despite the fact that music is not her strongest side, she also likes playing national musical instruments such as dombra or kobyz.

Malaysia | (back to top)

ICSP speaker Jynwaye FooJynwaye Foo
Jynwaye Foo is an international student from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is currently a sophomore working towards an Environmental Science degree with an option in Resources, Conversation, and Sustainability, within the College of Environmental, Oceanic, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University. Her hobbies include painting and camping. Jynwaye joined the ICSP because she believes in the importance of displaying a fragment of her unique and vibrant culture towards her goal in achieving a more culturally inclusive and culturally competent environment. Jynwaye is also an independent illustrator and exhibiting artist who has had her work published in both local and international publications.

Hannah Loh - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker


Hannah Loh
Hannah comes from a tiny country called Malaysia. She has been in the United States for over a year and is currently pursuing a double-degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising Management, with a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. Apart from her interests in design and business, she enjoys playing music, exploring new places, hiking and food hunting. Through the ICSP Program, she would love to gain the experience of being a cultural ambassador to the rest of the community here while learning about other cultures as well, making new friends, and developing her presentation skills.

Katrina Kayora Ong
Katrina Ong comes from a town called Sandakan, on Malaysian Borneo. She is currently starting her first term at Oregon State University as a junior in Merchandising Management. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring new places and hanging out with friends. She also likes to keep herself updated with the skincare and fashion world. Katrina particularly loves Korean food. She is new in Oregon and is eager to see more of this beautiful part of the US. By joining the ICSP family, Katrina hopes to broaden her cultural awareness and establish meaningful friendships.

Kong Zheng Yeang - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker


Kong Zheng Yeang
Yeang Kong Zheng (Tidus) was born and raised in a world renowned food island, Penang, Malaysia. He has been studying in the US for two years (2014) and has adapted well to the American lifestyle. Tidus is studying mechanical engineering with a minor is philosophy. He loves looking for business startup ideas, working out, food hunting and spending time outdoors (hiking, fishing, etc). Being in the ICSP for two years has helped Tidus made new friends, understand different cultures better and improve time management skills. Tidus hopes to further broaden his network of friends and show them that he is very much an American as he is a Malaysian.

Mexico | (back to top)

Wilberth Gibran Santa Cruz Ruiz
Wilberth Gibran Santa Cruz Ruiz was born in Mexico and had his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. After several years of working experience, he is studying MBA with concentration in Innovation Management at OSU. He likes playing chess, going to the gym, reading and dancing salsa. He was recognized for his outstanding performance during several national volleyball tournaments around Mexico. He joined to ICSP to foster the student diversity at OSU and to share some experiences and customs in which the beautiful Mexican culture is involved.

Netherlands | (back to top)

Simon Struijk
Simon was born and raised in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He lived in South-Africa for six months and has always enjoyed learning about other cultures. After graduating from High School he decided he wanted to see more of the world and left The Netherlands for Oregon in 2017. He is currently a freshman, majoring in economics. Simon came to Corvallis because of the beautiful campus and the opportunity to get to know all sorts of different people. He is very interested in politics and history and he wonders if living in America will change his point of view. When Simon isn’t studying you can probably find him on one of the several soccer fields spread around the OSU campus.

Nigeria | (back to top)

ICSP speaker Enemuo SomtoEnemuo Somto
Valentine was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria although hails from Anambra state .He is a 1st year masters of public health student and this is his first time in the US. He graduated from NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY a foremost university in Nigeria with an MB;BS degree and hope to use the knowledge garnered in his master’s program to tackle health hazards in his country. He enjoys watching soccer and listening to music. He hopes to go back to clinical practice after his program at OSU. Valentine is willing to share the Nigerian culture particularly the ‘ïgbo’ culture with peers from other country and also learn about different cultures attainable as well through ICSP. 

Pakistan | (back to top)

Danish Rehman - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Danish Rehman
Danish was born in Karachi, which is a metropolitan city of Pakistan. He came to Oregon State for undergraduate program in fall 2013. He is majoring in Finance and he hopes to pursue investment management. He is a golfer and has won many tournaments in Pakistan. He hopes to establish his investment management firm in Pakistan after finishing college. Through the ICSP program, he hopes to remove the misunderstandings, which people have regarding to Pakistan. He wants to share his culture and rich history of his country.

South Korea | (back to top)

Jae Hyun Kim
Jae is transferred to OSU from Portland Community College in Fall 2017, and she is majoring in Graphic Design. She has visited Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Kentucky and Chicago. Jae enjoys listening to music and traveling around. She joined ICSP because she likes to communicate and share the culture. Through ICSP, she is hoping to get a chance to meet new people and participate in many cultural events.

ICSP speaker Youngsuk OumYoungsuk Oum
Youngsuk is from South Korea. She came to Oregon in 2013 to learn English and American culture. She worked as a student ambassador at Lane Community College in Eugene. She decides to continue her studies at OSU to pursue her goal: being a merchandiser. She is now double majoring in pro-merchandising management and entrepreneurship. She loves crafting, going on random road trips, hanging out with people from different countries. She worked in International Resource Center (IRC) and learned a lot of cultural differences from ICSP Cultural Heritage event. She wanted to be a part of ICSP to spread Korean culture, and now she is one of our ICSP members. Through ICSP, she hopes she can make a bridge between OSU community and Korean culture and enhance the awareness of cultural diversity on campus.

ICSP speaker Sangmi ParkSangmi Park
Sangmi Park is from Seoul, Republic of Korea. She has been experiencing various educational systems; she went Korean, Thai, and American schools. After finishing her high school in The American School of Bangkok, Thailand, she decided to study in the U.S. It’s because she liked the American educational system which respects each student’s individuality and encourages students to be more cooperative and creative. She also believes that being able to encounter diverse cultures from all around the world is another benefit of studying in the U.S. From September, 2016, she starts her junior year majoring in Accounting and Finance at Oregon State University. She takes pride in having been the member of ICSP student from freshman. As a member of ICSP, she had attended diverse events, which helped her to understand various cultures deeply and made friends who have different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. She hopes there will be more opportunities to meet ICSP members not only in the public event but also in person.

Vietnam | (back to top)

ICSP speaker Linh DinhLinh Dinh
Linh is an international student from Vietnam. It has been 3 years since she first came to the U.S. She is working toward a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and planning to apply for pharmacy program at OSU. When having free time, Linh enjoys playing the piano and drawing. She is also a fan of outdoor activities and sports, like tennis, swimming and hiking. She is very excited to be a part of ICSP to share her own experience as an international students and Vietnamese culture as well as making new friends and learning new things from others.

ICSP speaker Thi HoThi Ho
Thi Ho is from Daklak province, a highland of Vietnam. She traveled to the US three years ago to follow her dream of becoming a good doctor. She comes to OSU to obtain her bachelor degree in Biology. Hiking and biking are her favorites in free time. Besides that, she loves food and likes to introduce Vietnamese dishes to friends. Through ICSP, she hopes to share the values of Vietnamese traditions and learn more from other cultures around the world.


Cat Hoang
Cat Hoang was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She is excited to be a Beaver after two years attending Portland Community College. She is a junior in Microbiology and minor in Chemistry. She loves cooking Vietnamese dishes and share them with her friends. Besides cooking, she also enjoys dancing and playing with cats. Through ICSP program, Cat hopes to share her culture and brings awareness about cultural diversity as well as social justice and sustainability. She is always eager to meet new friends and learn about their values and culture.

Tuong Hoang - 2015-16 ICSP Speaker

Tuong Hoang
Tuong was born and raised in Sai Gon, Vietnam. She attended Portland Community College (PCC) for two years before transferring to OSU. She is currently a Student Program Assistant for Community and Leadership Development at OSU. She coordinates late night programs, which help build community for students living in residence halls. She is a junior in mechanical engineering. Besides her passion for engineering, she enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures. Tuong has been a part of the ICSP program since she came to OSU in 2015. Through ICSP program, she would like to help others understand better Vietnam’s culture and diversity while learning about other cultures. She is excited for another year of being a cultural ambassador to the OSU and Corvallis community.