Information about transportation options and vehicle/parking resources for the Corvallis campus are located below.

How to Get to Corvallis and Oregon State University

Step-by-step guidance on how to find your way to Corvallis and OSU from the nearest airports.

Google Maps

Get maps, driving, walking, or public transportation options if you need to get from point A to point B.

Getting Around Corvallis and the Surrounding Area

You will find links to bus schedules around Corvallis, to Albany, Philomath, and Newport; train information; taxi cab company names and phone numbers; links to car rental agencies; and more.

Driving in Oregon

Link to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicle's website.  Learn about driver license requirements.

Buying and Owning a Car

What you need to know about insurance, buying new vs used cars, registration, and car repairs.

TAPS Transit and Parking Services

You can buy an OSU parking permit, pay a citation, get answers to parking questions, and view shuttle information.

Travel Safety Tips

Travel safety tips and resources.

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