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  • Min. 2.5 gpa
  • Admitted or admissible to the professional school in the College of Business
  • Interview with the Program Coordinator
Program Details: 

2018 details to be available in early November.

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*** Last Year's Program Description:

This course will increase students’ understanding of individual and small-group behavior and develop skills for improving individual and small-group performance in a variety of organizational settings, and across different cultures. The emphasis will be on professional skill development, understanding considerations for improving both organizational outcomes and employee well-being, and the practical application of the theoretical concepts and research discussed in class.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes
Students who successfully complete BA 352:

  • Understand the tools and techniques used to motivate employees across cultures
  • Have assessed how their values, attitudes, perceptions and behaviors impact their interpersonal effectiveness and professionalism.
  • Have developed and enhanced the essential interpersonal skills for being an effective team leader and member of a variety of organizations with a diverse membership.
  • Have used appropriate conceptual frameworks from management research and practice to diagnose and improve individual performance and group dynamics.
  • Have a framework for assessing the ethical implications of the decisions they make and the actions they take so that they work more effectively with persons (1) with disabilities, (2) from diverse ethnic, cultural, gender backgrounds and (3) across various hierarchical and social strata.

BA 452
Course Description
This course provides students with the in-depth concepts and theories of leadership as well as an opportunity to evaluate their capabilities to be effective leaders in workplaces not only in the US, but in global settings as well. Students will learn how to transfer and apply the material in this course to their “real life” experiences in organizations. Therefore, they will become better prepared for their careers as effective leaders in contemporary organizations.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  • Students who successfully complete MGMT 452 will be able to:
  • Develop a global mindset that will enable them to be successful leaders in different cultural settings
  • Identify and describe classical and modern theories and practices of leadership.
  • Identify and seek solutions that minimize emerging leadership challenges in contemporary organizations.
  • Understand the importance of individual differences, diversity, cross-cultural issues on leading people in organizations and thereby enhancing leadership capabilities within organizational contexts.
  • Develop leadership skills by participating in a wide variety of course activities.  

This OSU faculty-led study abroad program is being taught and led by Anthony Klotz

For more information, contact Carol Leder, in the College of Business.

Academic Emphasis: 
Apparel Design
Business Admin.
Business Info. Sys.
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Int'l Business
Merchandising Mgt
Program Administrator: 
OSU Faculty-Led
Program Costs: 

Cost Estimates: to be confirmed

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  • Participant Fee:

(includes: lodging, some meals, ground transportation, etc.)

  • International Airfare:
  • U.S. Passport: $135
  • Books & Supplies:
  • Meals (not included in the Participant Fee)
  • Incidentals and miscellaneous:

Total Program Cost Estimate: TBC

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