Application Deadlines: 
  • Honors College enrollment or approval by the instructor
  • Completion of one credit of HC 299 Building Homes & Hope or consent of instructor
  • Unofficial Transcript
Program Details: 

2018 details to be available in early November.

Please Look for your Program on our "Faculty Led Program Offerings" site at that time.

*** Last Year's Program Description:

The University Honors College International Service-Learning program is a sequence of focused colloquia that culminates in an international service project experience. It is a broad–based effort of tying theories across several disciplines to real world practices and social realities.

Our ISL program partners with established non-profit organizations that have the capacity to respond to locally–identified and locally–defined needs (Habitat for Humanity is a frequent partner). We move carefully and purposefully through competing concepts tied to service delivery in preparation for our own service to a person, a family, a cause, and a community. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we focus on culture, impact, and team. We work to broaden our worldview and learn from other perspectives. We share culled information from various sources to help us personally prepare for meaningful engagement in our host community, and work to do so with a healthy dose of humility in service to a community, rather than in service to our own interests.

For those students who wish to incorporate a global sensibility into their studies, their career, or their lifestyle choices; our UHC International Service-Learning program provides an academic, experiential, intellectual, and practical means of creating thoughtful and meaningful contributions to our global society.

For more information, please visit the dedicated website and contact the Program Leader Dave Kovac.

Program Administrator: 
OSU Faculty-Led
Program Costs: 
  • Tuition: $
  • Fee Payable to Program Provider: $tbc

(includes: lodging, some meals, ground transportation, etc.)

  • International Airfare: $tbc
  • U.S. Passport: $135
  • Books & Supplies:$0
  • Meals (not included in the Participant Fee): $0
  • Incidentals and miscellaneous: $tbc

Total Program Cost Estimate: $tbc (plus tuition, if applicable)