Canada - Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia

Application Deadlines: 
  • Pre-requisite*: SOC & PS 499/599 Canadian Economy, Society, Politics and Culture through Film (offered Spring 2017) 4 credits
  • Minimum 2.5 gpa
  • Unofficial transcript
Program Details: 

Next Program Date: 2019 (tbc)

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This two week study 'beyond the U.S.' program, offers students a practical, interdisciplinary opportunity to study Canadian history, social conditions, environmental issues, economy and cultural values.  We will be examining these issues in a broader North American and global context.  The highlight of this class is living in Canada for twelve days and being able to observe, listen and talk to Canadians about their social, cultural, political and economic life.  In the Province of British Columbia, student will be exposed to an active daily program of study, which will include lectures from Canadian scholars, visits to government and non-government organizations, visits to art galleries, museums, and other sites of historical and cultural significance.  By the end of this class, students will gain a comparative and critical perspective on the United States culture, politics, society and economy.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to describe the historical development of Canada from colonialism to the present
  • Be able to evaluate the effects of globalization on Canada's culture, society, economy or politics.
  • Be able to compare Canada's healthcare system, educational system, immigration policy, Native American policy, and trade policy with what exists in the United States.
  • Be able to describe Canadian history and understand what effects it has had on the lives of women and people of color.

This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students. 

Faculty co-leaders: Dwaine Plaza and Lauren Plaza

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Academic Emphasis: 
American Studies
Environ. Econ. Policy
Ethnic Studies
Liberal Studies
Political Science
Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
Program Administrator: 
OSU Faculty-Led
Program Costs: 

Cost Estimates:

  • Tuition (6 undergraduate credits): $1,158 or (graduate credits): $2,700
  • Participant Fee:

(includes: Ground transportation (motorpool van & ferry), all lodging, all meals, excursions and entrance fees, etc.)

  • U.S. Passport: $135
  • Books & Supplies: $30
  • Incidentals and miscellaneous: $150

Total Program Cost Estimate: TBC

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