International scholars dependents may want to take a class or classes at Oregon State University or a different institution during their stay in the United States. This page describes the different options scholars and dependents have for auditing a course, enrolling in an academic program, or just taking a few courses while at Oregon State University.

Register for a Course

Eligible dependents may choose to register for a course and receive credits or grades.

J-2 and E-3D Dependents

J-2 Exchange Visitors may enroll as degree or non-degree seeking students on a full or part-time basis. Learn more about dependent benefits.  

****Dependent Employment Authorization

J-2 or E-3D dependents are eligible for on-campus student employment positions (if they are enrolled in at least 1 credit at OSU) or off-campus employment only if they have applied for work authorization and received an Employment Authorization Document.

Important Consideration for Dependents

While E-3D, F-2, J-2, H-4, and TD dependents may take classes and even pursue a degree, they are NOT eligible for the same kinds of benefits that they would be if in a student visa category.  Talking with an international student advisor about your options may be helpful in making a decision about your visa status and future plans.

Course Offerings at OSU

Information about finding a course at OSU. The course catalog and schedule of classes are powerful tools for managing and finding courses. Use these to find or help students find courses.