The Sponsored Student Program is a part of International Student Advising and Services (ISAS) at Oregon State University with the specific goal of assisting sponsors and sponsored students by:

  • Supporting the academic goals of sponsored students and their sponsors.
  • Providing records of student’s academic standing when requested.
  • Facilitating communication between students and sponsors to help with financial and administrative questions.
  • Working with international student advisors (ISAs) to answer sponsored students’ questions and to help students maintain and understand their immigration status.

Services for Sponsored Students:

  • A special orientation session for sponsored students
  • Help with OSU medical insurance. Sponsored Student Programs can help get a waiver of OSU medical insurance if the sponsor’s insurance meets OSU minimum requirements.
  • Help sponsored students communicate with Academic Departments, and Sponsoring Agencies.
  • Reminders for students with expiring financial guarantee/support letters.

Sponsored Student Letter Request Form

Services for the Sponsor:

  • A special orientation session for sponsored students.
  • Student transcripts to show academic standing upon request.
  • Special campus meetings for sponsors to meet with their students.
  • Manage Financial Guarantee letters for the Third Party Billing process with OSU Business Affairs and the INTO OSU Finance Office.

 International Programs (IP) Administrative Fee:

  • An administrative charge of two hundred and seventy five dollars ($275) per academic term per student will be assessed to the sponsoring agency. The administrative fee will be included on the billing statement each academic term.