Preparing for Arrival

After you have received your letter of admission from the OSU International Admissions office, the following information may be useful to you as you prepare for your journey to Oregon State University.

First Steps

Join our New2OSU International Facebook page. Do you have a Facebook account already?  If you are not sure what a Facebook account is, or how to set one up, download the Facebook Tips Handout for more information.

Next Steps

As you read this, you may be in the process of packing, learning about transportation options, getting immunizations, trying to find housing, wanting to register and get into your classes, or wondering what it will be like to be here at OSU and in Corvallis.   We know that there are many things you need to do to get ready to move to a new place, especially if is it in another country where they may speak another language, and where they certainly have different academic systems and ways of doing things.

You may also want to check out the INTO OSU Student Depot to learn more about INTO OSU resources.

Attend the Mandatory Orientation Sessions

You will need to make sure that you are arriving in Corvallis in time to attend the orientation sessions.  

Here are some more things you may be needing to do:

Acquiring a Student Visa
Paying the SEVIS fee
Transferring to OSU
Transportation to Corvallis
Temporary Housing Options
Permanent Housing Options
What to Bring to the United States
Students with Families
Health Services and Insurance

Academic and Recreational Life at OSU

Learn more about academic and recreational life at OSU at the following web sites:

OSU's Online Catalog
Schedule of Classes
Academic Advising
Academic Calendar - 5 year (Oregon University System)
Campus Calendar