Education Abroad Program Agreements (EAPA) generally serve to articulate one of the following program types:

Student Exchange Programs involve a two-way exchange of students, and a commitment of resources on the part of both OSU and the collaborating institution.  A Student Exchange Agreement guides the administration of a student exchange program with an international partner university.

Essential elements of a Student Exchange Program include:

  1. Sufficient interest by students at both institutions to study abroad in both directions (reciprocal exchange)
  2. Host institutions agree to waive tuition for students from partner institution
  3. Students must be enrolled full time at their home and host institution
  4. Participating students will earn academic credit that is transferred back to their home institution as direct/resident credit.

Study Abroad Programs send OSU students abroad for academic coursework, whether institution-based or through a third party provider, but is not designed to be reciprocal. 

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs, as the name implies, are academic international opportunities developed and implemented by OSU faculty.  If you are interested in leading a group of students on a study abroad program, please contact the Faculty-led Study Abroad Program Development Coordinator in the International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA) office.

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Program Agreement Types

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