There are limited requirements the International Degree places on the format and content of your thesis. Please see our Thesis Guildelines document for recommendations and suggestions.


The thesis should demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of global issues and of the international dimensions of your primary degree.  It can be considered international in one of three ways:

  • international scope, referencing research from around the world (e.g. more than two researchers from different countries/cultures around the world).
  • intercultural, including cultural dimensions that affect the outcomes of the research or demonstrate the influence of culture on a particular topic.
  • comparative (e.g. between two countries/cultures), analyzing identical or similar data from two or more cultures.

At minimum, your document should be 8 pages of formal writing outside of introductory pages, the table of contents, appendices and your bibliography.  Your thesis should include the following pages:

  • title page
  • copywrite page
  • abstract
  • signature page, including spaces for
    • thesis advisor
    • department chair
    • International Degree director
    • yourself!

You can download the Thesis Template in either (.doc) or (.pdf) format.  These templates include standard spacing and formats expected to satisfy the ID thesis requirements.

Be sure to review the Thesis Guidelines for more information on timeline, content and formatting issues.