1. Review viability

  • [An existing agreement can be renewed in a number of ways depending on the language in the original document and the timing of the renewal. In some cases, an entirely new agreement may need to be created with original signatures...other common ways a renewal is done?]
  • Review the collaboration with your department head, dean, and college international officer, and assess the viability of continuing the partnership. [specific viability questions?]
  • Contact International Programs to discuss the viability of renewing the agreement.

2. Draft renewal document and complete the international agreement survey

3. Submit draft for OSU legal review

  • When you and the international partner reach mutual agreement on the terms, send the draft to International Programs for OSU legal review. The contracts officer in PaCS reviews all international agreements for compliance with OSU risk management and legal policies. (More information on the PaCS review)
  • If the partner institution is public (government-funded), the General Counsel also reviews the agreement for compliance with Oregon state law (ORS Chapter 190).
  • Allow at least four weeks for this step.

4. Gather signatures and distribute copies

  • Once the agreement is vetted by PaCS, gather original signatures from the partner institution on a minimum of two copies—one for International Programs and one for the partner institution—or more as needed. Return the original documents to International Programs who will gather OSU signatures and distribute the fully executed documents.
  • International Programs retains an original copy of the agreement, and PaCS files a photocopy. International Programs adds the new agreement to the International Partnership Agreements Directory.
  • Allow at least two weeks for this step.