International Programs is currently engaged in a comprehensive and strategic review of its activities with the aim to develop a strategic plan for internationalization at Oregon State University. All IP units are carrying out internal assessment activities with a focus on our current programs and outcomes as well as future areas of growth. These ongoing reviews across all IP units have so far identified how IP currently contributes to OSU’s internationalization or plans to engage more effectively to promote international education, research, and engagement at OSU.

Furthermore, International Programs has adopted the following key tenets as central to playing a leadership role in OSU’s comprehensive internationalization:

  1. Adopting a holistic, university-wide approach
  2. Promoting the notion that internationalization applies to all students, faculty, and staff
  3. Building on current internationalization activities and aligning with university’s existing diversity and multiculturalism programs
  4. Developing a clearly articulated set of goals to promote global learning across the curriculum
  5. Recognizing the intrinsic value of international students, faculty, scholars, partnerships, and perspectives in promoting global citizenship among students.

On the basis of IP’s ongoing review of its activities, International Programs has identified the following key areas of current activities and future growth.

  1. Develop and advance a compelling vision for OSU’s internationalization
    1. Collaborate with Divisions/Colleges and Administrative Units to promote international education, research, and engagement
    2. Integrate college-level internationalization plans into a university-wide strategic plan for comprehensive internationalization.
    3. Develop a plan to realign and reinvest IP’s resources to promote recruitment and retention of top quality international students and scholars.
    4. Advance international education and experiences as fully integrated learning into teaching, research, and outreach
    5. Provide a wide array of international education (study abroad and international degree) opportunities for students.
    6. Promote a global and diverse learning and work environment at OSU
  2. Promote OSU as a premier international research university, with its mission reflecting global interdependence and increasing global connectivity of Oregon's economy
    1. Develop international partnerships to promote scholar/faculty exchange
    2. Promote regional initiatives (Africa, Asia, and Latin America)
    3. Develop and implement an effective system of tracking our international alumni and prioritize key regions to focus efforts aimed at building alumni relations.